KWAP Chapel

Design42's comprehensive renovation of the KWAP Chapel project encompassed a range of crucial updates and improvements that revitalized the chapel, ensuring its continued service to the community for years to come.

South Orange Redevelopment

Design42 was approached by a group of local property owners of South Orange, NJ to consider the possible re-development of a superblock in the downtown South Orange area. The proposal includes residential, commercial retail, common public greens, and public transit integration.

Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project

Design42 lent our support as a local architect in designing a solution to providing raised bed containers that wouldn't destabilize the one hundred-year-old building.

Kids With A Promise

In connection with the KWAP Chapel renovation project, Design42 undertook the redesign and revitalization of the Kids With A Promise Hobby House, a pre-existing 1,000-square-foot structure on the site.