North Bergen Residence

North Bergen Residence

Private Residence in North Bergen, NJ | photo credit: Zillow Listing

Completed in 2004, Design42 has transformed a 1-story single-family house into a 2-story home in North Bergen, NJ with an alteration that includes an addition, with a completely renovated kitchen and bathrooms.

The transformation of this North Bergen home was a testament to our office's ability to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of residential spaces. The alteration not only modernized the home but also improved its overall functionality, making it a more comfortable and enjoyable space for the homeowners to live in.

Design42’s staff were easy to work with, filled with smart ideas and eager to listen to our vision and concerns...they were customer focused and went out of their way to help create a great living space for our growing family.
Shari Pople | Houzz Full Review



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