Park Ave Residence - 2023

Park Ave Residence - 2023

Private Residence at Park Ave, NYC (2023) by Design42 | photo credit: Alma Bernan (GC)

In 2023, Design42 achieved a transformative renovation in an exceptionally unique pre-war condo penthouse within Murray Hill's Historic District. Tasked with reinvigorating the living space, our primary focus was on resolving the kitchen's layout while infusing it with a modern, sophisticated aesthetic.

The redesigned kitchen became a striking focal point, adorned with sleek finishes and top-of-the-line appliances, offering a harmonious blend with the revisions made to the dining area and living space. This revitalization not only breathed new life into the penthouse but also enhanced the overall living experience for our delighted client, turning their residence into a stylish and functional haven for years to come.

Architect/Designer: Design42
Contractor: Alma Bernan

Kitchen: Before & After



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