FIKA at 600 Lexington Ave, NYC


FIKA at 600 Lexington Ave, NYC | photo credit: Guy Chan

FIKA is a family-owned and operated Swedish-infused café with 18 locations. FIKA specializes in gourmet coffee, hand-crafted chocolates from their TriBeCa chocolate factory, and Swedish pastries from their own bakery in midtown supplying each of their retail locations with fresh and handcrafted products daily. As the fastest-growing, privately owned, coffee chain in the New York area, FIKA embraces beautifully designed spaces in every location.

Design42 is proud to have enjoyed a close and collaborative partnership with the co-founder and CEO of FIKA, a renowned Swedish coffee brand, in the creation of 13 exceptional FIKA locations. This relationship has been characterized by a shared commitment to crafting coffee shops that not only deliver exceptional coffee but also provide immersive, culturally rich experiences for patrons.

This collaboration has been instrumental in bringing the brand's ethos to life through the built environment. Our design approach for FIKA locations sought to capture the essence of Swedish design and culture while integrating modern aesthetics that resonated with local clientele. From the moment patrons step inside, they are enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication, where Scandinavian minimalism meets New York City's eclectic charm.

Our collaboration with FIKA extended beyond design aesthetics; we worked closely with their co-founder to ensure that each location was tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of its neighborhood. This approach allowed us to create coffee shops that seamlessly integrated into their respective communities while staying true to the FIKA brand.

Design42 takes great pride in contributing to FIKA's expansion and success. Our commitment to delivering spaces that embody the brand's values and enrich the coffee culture experience continues to drive our partnership forward. With every FIKA location, we looked forward to creating an environment where patrons can savor exceptional coffee, indulge in delectable pastries, and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Swedish coffee culture.

13 locations

by Design42

FIKA NYC: Inside New York’s Most Scandinavian Coffee Chain
Welcome to FIKA NYC.


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