FIKA – 18 Locations and Counting

We're very proud to have collaborated with the co-founder and CEO of FIKA, while his vision of the Swedish espresso bar and bakery was in it's early development. We've come along way together and we're truly excited to announce the 13th location we've designed (18...

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Engineering a Better CrossFit

At Design42, we have a team dedicated to developing designs for the health and fitness industry. We pride ourselves on the number of successful health and fitness clubs we've designed that are still in operation and generating a great customer base in their respective...

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The Architect’s New Clothes

Many years ago...well let's be real, this isn't a story about swindlers nor is it about an architect who paraded around his office in invisible clothes, as the title may imply. It's a tale about the path to rebranding and redesigning Design42 in both web and print...

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