We’re very proud to have collaborated with the co-founder and CEO of FIKA, while his vision of the Swedish espresso bar and bakery was in it’s early development. We’ve come along way together and we’re truly excited to announce the 13th location we’ve designed (18 locations in total).

In anticipation for the December 2015 holidays and the new year, we are working closely with the MTA and Turn-Style development to establish FIKA as one of twenty-two select shops to open in the new Columbus Circle Retail Concourse serving 22 million commuters, long-time residents and curious visitors.

FIKA Turnstyle Render

Turnstyle Master Plan

Thomas Scibilia, AIA

Thomas Scibilia, AIA

Project Manager/Architect

Thomas Scibilia is a registered architect and has brought his 10 years of experience in the architectural industry to Design42. Tom’s experience in diverse firms developed a well-rounded and rich understanding of architectural practice, design, technology, materials and construction methods. Read more on my bio page.